Directed by

Paulo Nascimento



June 3rd

12 Episodes / 25min

The series “American Dream” is a journey of discovery through music, cuisine, places and people. The actor Leonardo Machado and the director Paulo Nascimento hit the road in their motorcycles, just like they did in the south of South America in the series “World’s End”, to show the public peculiarities of the USA through the eyes of Brazilians who once left Brazil to live the "American dream".

Throughout this road trip from New York to Los Angeles, between East Coast and West Coast scenarios, plus a few stories told by Brazilian residents, we’ll follow lifestyle and culture, and get to know different views on cities, neighborhoods and hamlets of a country that is usually seen through classic tourist spots.

Pôster da Série "Sonho Americano".


Presenters: Leonardo Machado and Paulo Nascimento
Created and Directed by: Paulo Nascimento
Executive Production: Marilaine Castro da Costa and Paulo Nascimento
Cinematographer: Renato Falcão
Production: Ane Siderman
Producer Manager: Ane Siderman
Editor: Juliano Moreira and Luiz Alberto Cassol
Soundtrack: Duca Duarte
Head of Sound Department: Cadu Mader