Written and Directed by

Paulo Nascimento




GNT/GLOBO - 13 ePisodes

Dr. Joao Paulo Gil, a biologist, is back to his hometown, the small and cold Monte Alegre do Sul, with a population of 5,201 people located on the border between Brazil and Uruguay.

He comes back looking to find answers that can save his life. He suffers from a psychological disorder: a kind of terianthropy, genetic inheritance of his Father who believed he had characteristics of a Puma. This disturbance allows him to have extremely refined skills such as sight, smell and hearing, but at the same time not having domain over his mind. Dr. Gil would give anything in life to not carry this disturbance.

Not very often the Teriantrhopy causes him hallucinations and he starts to think more like the animal. The disease is degenerative and there is no scientifically a cure. Their hope is to find the researches his father did many years ago, an answer that could save him, but he will have to face the prejudice and the power of his small town that sees him as a “cursed”.



Edson Celulari, Cristiana Oliveira, Leonardo Machado, Clemente Viscaíno, Fernanda Moro, Zé Victor Castiel, Nelson Diniz, Marcos Verza.


Written and Directed by: Paulo Nascimento
Cinematographer: Alexandre Berra
Art Director: Eduardo Antunes
Editor: Márcio Papel
Soundtrack: Silvio Marques
Producer Manager: Mônica Catalane
Head of Sound Department: André Sittoni
Accorde’s Executive Producer: Marilaine Castro da Costa
Accorde’s Producer: Paulo Nascimento e Marilaine Castro da Costa