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+ contents in finalization

CRITICS (8x30 ') Series addressing the theme of criticism in Brazil in an unprecedented way. Who are? What do you think? What do the public think of them? Filmed in August and September of 2018, with direction of Luiz Alberto Cassol and creation of Paulo Nascimento.

CITIES FOR ALL - (8 x30 ') Series by Marilaine Castro da Costa, directed by Luiz Alberto Cassol and Marilaine C. Costa, addresses the issue of accessibility in cities in several countries. There will be 8 episodes funded by the FSA, with production in 2019.

+ content in development

A Girl's Diary (international title) - feature film. Movie aimed at teenagers. It will be the first Accorde long film aimed at the international market. It will be filmed in Brazil and the USA, with 80% of the Brazilian team and is written, produced and directed by Paulo Nascimento. The film is co-produced by Rose Pictures (responsible for films such as: MARGIN CALL (with Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore and Jeremy Irons), DARLINGS (Daniel Radcliffe), THE WORDS (Bradley Cooper and Dennis Quaid) NEW YORK I LOVE YOU Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Robin Wright) - among others). The film is due to be filmed in 2019.

TCHEKESPEARE (4 x 30 ') Series of 4 episodes created by Leonardo Machado and directed by Ane Siderman, makes an adaptation of the work of Bardo to a reality of two farms in the border of Brazil and Uruguay. Will be produced in 2019

3 SECONDS BEFORE YOU LEAVE (8 X 42 ') Series in the genre "supernatural", uniting spiritism, transcendence and mythology. The promos have already been filmed in English and Portuguese and are now under negotiation with Brazilian and international channels. Created by Paulo Nascimento, it is a co-production with MARC FILMS.

RED SHOES (8 x42 ') In the genre "caper movie" where the public cheer for the thief, this series with a theme that involves action, family relationships and touches of police investigation follows a more popular line and wide public coverage of public.

ONLY ONE SONG (8 x 42 ') Series that takes place in the universe of folk music, sertaneja, in Brazil. A rural drama with intrigues and emotions. A pilot has already been produced and is under negotiation with Brazilian channels. It is a co-production with MARC FILMS

ATLÂNTICO - PACÍFICO - feature film First feature directed by Edson Celulari who will also star in the film. A drama between a father and a teenage daughter making the crossing between the two oceans while making discoveries that seemed impossible.

PELICANO - feature film Leonardo Machado and Ane Siderman's long film, is in the process of raising funds;

HOPE (8 x 42 ') Under development, still kept confidential, but it will be another big step for Accorde in the international market. A series with global release, created and directed by Paulo Nascimento.

ACCORDE COMPANY is an independent production company


Accorde has over twenty years of experience in domestic and international markets, producing contents for Portugal, Argentina, Globo TV and broadcast content in Netflix, MGM, Fox, Paramount.

The Company is divided in:

• Accorde Films, for series and film production;

• Accorde Branded Content, for developing content for big brands.

• Accorde NYC Content, for series and film production in international market.



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