Written and directed by

Paulo Nascimento



May 3rd, 2018

Vitório (Edson Celulari) and Clarice (Soledad Villamil) live in complete harmony working in the “Piccolo Mondo” pizza place (inherited from Vitório’s father) in the Italian neighborhood of Bixiga in São Paulo. Vitório is a descendant of Italians, blind since the age of 4 and has developed an incredible ability to be independent. He became famous for knowing the pizza dough “inside out”, making the best pizza in the neighborhood.

Clarice, his wife, comes from a rich family of Jewish origin, she lived in one of the richest neighborhoods of São Paulo. This unlikely marriage happened when they met at a street party of “Our Lady Achiropita” (a popular Italian neighborhood party)  over twenty years. She had to give up the comfort that her family offered and today, besides working in the pizzeria, she complements the budget by giving classes in two schools.

Completing the movie’s plot, there is Alicia, the daughter who only thinks about going to study abroad and the waiter Cleomar, Vitorio’s best friend and “eyes.” Together with his passion for the brazilian soccer team Corinthians precisely in the year which the team in going to World Cup finals  for the first time.

In this simple universe, life goes on its normal and happy course until it is discovered that Vitório can see. From then on, a new world, a new decision, a change … will it be worth it?

Pôster do Filme "Teu Mundo Não Cabe nos Meus Olhos".


Edson Celulari, Soledad Villamil, Leonardo Machado e Giovana Echeverria


Written and Directed by: Paulo Nascimento
Cinematographer: Roberto Laguna
Art Director: Eduardo Antunes
Production Manager: Mônica Catalane
Sound: André Sittoni
Music and Soundtrack: Silvio Marques
Editor: Marcio Papel
Graphic Design: Aline Bastos D’Ávila
Producer: Paulo Nascimento e Edson Celulari
Executive Producer: Marilaine Castro da Costa
Co-Production: Globo Filmes e Telecine
Film’s Distribution: Paris Filmes e Downtown Filmes