directed by

Jayme Monjardim




She had a mission to complete in the world, even if it meant giving up her own life.

The Pink Apron tells the story of Alice, a lonely and financially struggling 50-year-old woman who cares for terminally ill patients. Alice works as a caregiver in a luxury private hospital, where she earns her money, and as a volunteer in poor hospitals, where she dedicates, without pay, her love and compassion for the others. Through her day-to-day life at different hospitals, Alice will engage with amazing patient stories.

Through her emotional life journey, hallways and hospital rooms, in the solitude of her personal life and in her encounters and disenchantments, Alice will gradually find her self-esteem, her inner brilliance, and the strength to move forward against new challenges.

Pôster do Filme "O Avental Rosa".


Cyria Coentro, César Troncoso, Tania Bondezan, Bruno Cabrerizo, Nicette Bruno, Leonardo Medeiros, Allan Souza Lima, Zé Adão Barbosa, Malu Valle, Heloisa Raso e Araci Esteves.


Directed by: Jayme Monjardim
Screenplay: Jayme Monjardim e Claudia Netto
Producer: Paulo Nascimento
Executive Producer: Marilaine Castro da Costa
Producer Manager: Mônica Catalane
Produção de Elenco:  Diego de Lima
Cinematographer: Nonato Estrela
Art Director: Lara Tausz
Costume: Carol Scortegagna
Caracterização: Baby Marques
Editor: Marcio Papel
Head of Sound Department: André Sittoni
Sound Designer: Alessandro Laroca, Eduardo Virmond Lima e Renan Deodato
Soundtrack: Alexandre Guerra