Written and Directed by

Paulo Nascimento



May 31st, 2018

Tony (Leonardo Machado) receives word that a longtime friend (or maybe more than that) is dying in a small near the boarder town and wants to see him before she dies. Antonio arrives late, his friend is already dead, but the decease’s daughter awaits Antonio for the burial. Since then strange events happen around Antonio as he wanders the streets of these two small-border towns separated by a street. A grave digger (Cesar Troncoso) that at night is tango singer. A blind throwing knives artist in the circus, the psychopath Tuco and Blanca Lucia (Giovana Echeverria) the mysterious girl who leads Antonio to the secrets of these two towns. The only thing he can know is that the biggest risk of that place is “the soul be divided into two …”

Shadow’s Surface is a fantastic thriller, a borderline film that just enchants not knowing what border is that we’re talking about: the actual one or life itself.

Pôster do Filme "Teu Mundo Não Cabe nos Meus Olhos".


Leonardo Machado, Cesar Troncoso, Giovana Echeverria, Marcelo Crowshow , Sirmar Antunes, Karin Roepke, Clemente Viscaíno, Mariana Catalane.

SPECIAL Appearance

Nelson Diniz e E. Francisco


Written and Directed by: Paulo Nascimento
Cinematographer: Renato Falcão
Art Director: Eduardo Antunes
Editor: Marcio Papel
Graphic Design: Aline Bastos D’Ávila
Producer Manager: Mônica Catalane
Soundtrack: Duca Duarte
Sound: André Sittoni
Producer: Paulo Nascimento, Leonardo Machado, Marilaine Castro da Costa
Executive Producer: Marilaine Castro da Costa
Film’s Distribution: Panda Filmes