Written and directed by

Marilaine Castro da Costa e Luiz Alberto Cassol



November 30th, 2017

A historian travels through several cities in Brazil and abroad searching for an answer to the question: what is accessibility? Following Felipe’s journey, who is visually impaired, we’ll see accessible paths and ones with many barriers. We’ll learn what people with and without disabilities think about topics like human diversity, inclusive education, culture and technology. Everyone is a movie about people and their differences.



Presenter: Felipe Mianes
Directed by: Luiz Alberto Cassol e Marilaine Castro da Costa
Producer: Paulo Nascimento
Screenplay: Marilaine Castro da Costa
Cinematographer: Lucas Tergolina
Producer Manager: Mônica Catalane
Editor: Marcio Papel e Lucas Tergolina
Graphic Design: Aline Bastos D’Ávila
Sound Design: André Sittoni
Music: Silvio Marques

Movie accessibility features

Audio Description

Script: Marilaine Castro da Costa, Letícia Schwartz, Marcia Caspary
Consulting:Felipe Mianes
Narration/Voice: Marcia Caspary
Voice Over: Letícia Schwartz e Gabriel Schmitt
Sound Editor: Gabriel Schmitt

Portuguese Closed Captions

Letícia Schwartz e Gabriel Schmitt.

LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language)

Interpreter: Angela Russo
Revision: Luiz Daniel Rodrigues Duarte

Produced by: Accorde Filmes 

Cultural Support: Novartis