Directed by

Paulo Nascimento



September 16th, 2005

Gaspar de Fróes, a doctor, arrives in Brazil searching for a new life. He comes from Azores, Portugal still shaken by the death of his wife. Maria, Lieutenant Covas’ wife, accompanies her husband in his work with the Portuguese army to Brazil.

The two live an intense passion that doesn’t find peace in these difficult times. It’s Brazil of 1750, era of land demarcations in the southern region made between Portugal and Spain. In this world of conflict and hopelessness, any gesture of affection can be interpreted as a war declaration. A story of passion and courage in a Brazil that once existed.

Pôster do Filme "Diário de Um Novo Mundo".


  • Best Screenplay and Popular Jury at the 33rd Gramado Film Festival


Edson Celulari, Daniela Escobar, Marcos Paulo.


Director: Paulo Nascimento
Screenplay: Pedro Zimmermann
Production: Aletéia Selonk, Beto Rodrigues, Horácio Grinberg and Leonel Vieira
Cinematographer: Renato Falcão
Art Director: Voltaire Danckwardt