Written and Directed by

Paulo Nascimento



April 4th, 2010

With a story line that unites cartoon, lots of color, action and excitement, The Green House tells the story of a comic book artist that has very short notice to deliver his story to his publisher and has a creative crisis caused by his own characters of his story, in consequence, they start to be in charge of their own destiny. The result is that “the evil characters” starts showing their claws doing everything to end the greatest achievement of the city: a “super recycler” that will solve the problem of excessive trash in the city.

The impasse is created: the artist loses his control about the story, but something goes wrong. What to do?? Than appears a heroine created in the virtual world by a little girl who was already a character of the story. Thus, within this story line that tells the story within the story, kids will have important notions about many topics ranging from the importance of recycling to the fact that everyone has to decide their path and take a responsibility about it .

Among lots of music, action and excitement, The Green House shows that it is possible a film for the children that at the same time is fun and educating.

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Nicola Siri, Zé Victor Castiel, Fernanda Moro, Ingra Lyberato, Leonardo Machado, Lui Strassburger, Marcos Verza, Jeffersonn Silveira, Rogério Hoch, José Alessandro, Cristiano Ziegler.


Alice Castro da Costa Nascimento, Mariana Arocha, Adoilson da Silva Viana, Vitória Lopes Neis.



Written and Directed by Paulo Nascimento
Produced by: Marilaine Castro da Costa e Paulo Nascimento
Cinematograper: Roberto Laguna
Art Diretor: Voltaire Danckwardt
Executive Production: Marilaine Castro da Costa
Coproduced by: Homero Chemale e Duca Leindecker
Production Manager: Mônica Catalane Arocha
Editor: Marcio Papel
Costume Design: Márcia Matte
Makeup: Val Oliveira
Music by: Duca Leindecker