Paulo Nascimento



August 12th, 2007

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere lives Bruno Stein and his family. Three generations in conflict. The granddaughter, Veronica, is just waiting for the moment to leave. Valeria, the daughter- in-law, tries to conform herself with her loneliness. Bruno Stein feels the end of life approaching. Bruno tries to get involved with pottery’s work, with the sculptures, but nothing motivates him. The arrival of Gabriel, an employee that he sees as an “archangel”, coincides with some events that begin to change the lives of Bruno and local people. Waltz for Bruno Stein is the story of the drama of people who need to make decisions that will change their lives and the price to be paid for it.

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  • Best Actress - Gramado Film Festival - 2007


Walmor Chagas, Ingra Lyberato, Aracy Esteves, Fernanda Moro, Leonardo Machado, Marcos Verza, Sirmar Antunes, Clemente Viscaíno, Yonara Karam, Sergio Mantovani.

Special appearances

Carmen Silva e Nicola Siri.


Written and Directed by: Paulo Nascimento
Produced by: Paulo Nascimento e Marilaine Castro da Costa
Executive Production: Marilaine Castro da Costa
Cinematography: Roberto Laguna
Art Direction: Voltaire Danckwardt
Production Manager: Mônica Arocha
Sound: André Sittoni
Music: André Trento
Editor: Cláudio Fagundes
Costume Design by: Caroline Sudati
Makeup: Claudio Gomes (Branco) e Valéria Oliveira

In Association with: Lake Filmes, Vox Produtora e TreeTop

Co-produced by: Walmor Chagas, Roberto Laguna, Beto Rodrigues e Rosilda Freitas e Homero Chemale.