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Paulo Nascimento


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Argentina. An old gas station, lost in the immensity of the transcontinental road, is the refuge hideaway of introspective Leon (César Troncoso). A man of few words, few gestures and no friends, his solitude is broken only by either any trucker passing through there to buy gas. Or the always humorous visits of sarcastic Silas (Nelson Diniz), a biker with retiree/ hippie vibe. Until one day, when the enigmatic and unexpected arrival of Ana (Fernanda Moro) radically transforms Leon and Silas typical day.

At the foot of the imposing Andes mountains, secrets and hopes that seemed to be buried, come back to life, re-opening old wounds and forever changing the lives of the protagonists.



  • Project contemplated by the award of co-production between Brazil / Argentina

  • PAR – Premio Adicional de Renda (Additional Income Award). This is an award from the Brazilian Government for Films that had a commercial success.

  • Best Film chosen by popular jury and Best Actor – 41st Gramado Film Festival.

  • Don Quixote Award at the Gramado Film Festival

  • Best Film and Best Actress – Toronto Festival – BRAFFTv

  • Official selection of the Chicago Film Festival

  • Participation in Punta Del Este Film festival

  • Honored film at the Pirapolis Film festival in Uruguay

  • Honored film at the Brazilian Film Festival of Montevideo and Buenos Aires.


Cesar Troncoso, Fernanda Moro, Nelson Diniz, Marcos Verza, Nayara Harris.

Special Appearance

Alejandro Fiori



Written and Directed by: Paulo Nascimento
Produced by: Paulo Nascimento, Marilaine Castro da Costa e Leonardo Machado
Cinematography: Alexandre Berra
Art Direction: Voltaire Danckwardt
Executive Production: Marilaine Castro da Costa e Leonardo Machado
Executive Production (Argentina): Martin Viaggio, Carla Gallas e Tomás Buchanan
Co-produced by: Bufo Films (Argentina) e Panda Filmes (Brasil); Martin Viaggio e Beto Rodrigues
Producer Manager: Mônica Catalane Arocha
Editor: Marcio Papel
Costume by: Paulianna Becker
Makeup: Baby Marques
Soundtrack: Renato Muller
Film’s Distributor: Espaço Filmes